A Goal

I had therapy yesterday and talked a bit about my fears about tomorrow night.  Deb suggested that I should set a goal for myself.  Make sure I live up to that goal.  If I surpass it so much the better. 

So…  what is my goal?  Hmmmm.

It shouldn’t be anything too easy, but it shouldn’t be anything too hard either… It could be a number of minutes I spend there.  It could be finding something worthwhile to talk about with Unsvelt Girl’s husband.  It could be finding one stranger to talk to.  Maybe it could even be getting through the evening without drinking more than one adult beverage.  Nah.  Not that one.  That’s not much of a challenge anyway.  I still have to drive home afterward and I’ve already gotten one DUI in my lifetime.  And believe you me, one is enough.  Actually it’s more than enough, but that’s a different story for another time.

Maybe my goal should be to just be comfortable with myself regardless of what happens and be content just to watch the festivities if I’m not talking to anyone.  I don’t know though, is that really beneficial, or is it just hiding in a crowd? 

I think my goal will be to try to carry on one brief conversation with a stranger.  At least two minutes, without panicking and without putting too much pressure on myself.  That seems reasonable, right?

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