Bathroom Transformation Day One

One of the first lessons one learns when having anything to do with Construction is that, if it CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong.  Today was the beginning of the remodeling of my bathroom.  After a year in residence in my apartment and after having discussed it on move in day, we finaly began the project.

Only, as I said, if it CAN go wrong it WILL.  Wheeler Dealer landlady ordered a vanity, counter and sink, towel rods, towel rings and bathrobe hooks, faucets and lighting fixtures from Pottery Barn.  I received the crate with the cabinetry, sink and counter the day before I left for my Grandfather’s Funeral.  It wasn’t until today that Wheeler Dealer Landlady saw it and realized that it was the wrong components, not what she ordered.  This was after they fucked up the order once already.

Things got a bit funky for a time.  WDLL was able to go and pick some nice items from an Expo Center and she saved the day by procuring all the item we needed to keep the project going.  But it was necessary for me to come home from work early to go over some things with WDLL and the Adorable Little Contractor.

Things are moving along just fine, but dispite the conversation ahead of time with WDLL and the ALC I wasn’t really prepared for the reality of what I’d find when I arrived home.  This morning I took a shower in this.

When I arrived home at 3:00 this afternoon, The tile was gone, the sheetrock was gone and all there was to be seen was the studs and the insulation.  Adorable Little Contractor was working on the plumbing, installing the new shower head and such.  I didn’t expet to see such a major change.  (I’ve never been through a project like this before.)

ALC worked for three more hours, leaving things such that I woud be able to use the shower in the morning.  When he left my shower looked more like this…

Tomorrow the Sheetrock goes up and then the tile.  Wednesday morning the tile get’s grouted and Wednesday afternoon the rest of the bathroom get’s demolished.  Boy, will I be glad when this is finished…

By the way, the contractor is kinda cute!  Thus his nickname.  He’s about 5’8″ – 5’9″ can’t weigh much more than a buck fifty, very boyish looks.  Pretty sure he’s straight…  And married…  At the very least I know he’s part of a “we”.  Oh well.

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