What Happened with the Bathroom Transformation?

For those of you who are interested in my bathroom transformation (and there seem to be a lot) I don’t mean to have dropped the ball on the topic.  The bulk of the job is finished with just a few final issues to be resolved.  Adorable Little Contractor will be back tomorrow to finish up with the loose ends.

Wheeler Dealer Land Lady had the drain mechanism replaced in the tub.  It is now a sparkling clean chrome drain and overflow/switch (no more plug on a chain.)  That was last Tuesday.  Then Friday and Saturday “Mr. Bathtub” came to refinish the porcelain bathtub.  I didn’t even know it was possible for it to be white again.  The damn thing is GLEAMING!!!  I almost don’t want to use it.

Tomorrow ALC comes back to finish the grout on the shower surround around the tub.  WDLL wanted the tub refinished before he did that.  He will be installing the shower curtain “rod”.  It’s actually a track that is ceiling mounted, instead of a rod mounted to the tile.   I’m happy with this except that it means standard length shower curtains won’t work so well.  I’ve bought a length of chain from The Home Depot and I’m going to suspend the shower curtain from the track so that I can use standard length shower curtains (Extra long ones are extra pricey).  He also has to replace the new light switch with the old light switch.  The new one is an occupancy sensor which is lovely but not needed.  It also has a dimmer switch in it and as a result the lights make a high pitched ringing sound that drives me insane!  So I told WDLL it has to go.

Anyway, I figured since the job was all but done, it was better to wait till it was 100%, take my final “after” shots and post my final Bahtroom Transformation entry.  Sorry to any or all of you who might be waiting with baited breath, but I promise the end result is coming soon.  Thanks for your patience.  🙂

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