A Political Rant from a Political Know Nothing

I generally try to stay away from political rants on this blog, because I don’t fancy myself any kind of expert on anything and I don’t really feel like the average person has any interest in what I have to say on that front.  If you’re easily offended or easily riled by political discussions, perhaps it’s best if you skip over this post, lest your opinion of me be effected.

That being said…

Within my own family there’s quite a dividing line when it comes to political perspectives, beliefs and opinions.  I’m a Democrat.  I’m pretty liberal.  I believe very strongly that my religious beliefs should not come into play in my politics.  On the other hand Vengeful Mother and to a somewhat lesser degree CPA Sis are both conservative Republicans who think that their morals should dictate their politics.  The concept of Separation of Church and State is foreign to them.  But let’s be honest.  Separation of Church and State is foreign to most Republicans.

Right now, in my home state of California, there is considerable debate and controversy over Proposition 8, the Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Act. As a gay man who has never wanted to live the stereotypical promiscuous gay lifestyle, but rather find one man to settle down with and share my life, I pray that Proposition 8 fails, that same-sex marriage remains legal in California, and more importantly that it spreads to the rest of the country.  Republicans however, are latching onto this issue as if it will make or break the stability of the nation.  Because after all, how people live their personal lives in the privacy of their own homes is going to cause either the proliferation of this nations financial and moral value, or the utter and complete collapse, based on whether they are allowed to be legally married.

From what I can tell, a great portion of the Republican political platform centers around religion and morals.  As I’ve said, I’m not a political expert, but this seems like the polar opposite of “Separation of Church and State.”  This sounds to me like Church run State…

Hmmm…  Church run State…  What is it that the words call to mind…  Ah.  I’ve got it.  THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND!!! It’s been a good many years since I graduated from high school, and even longer since I studied this period in American History, but I do believe the purpose behind the American Revolution, in the first place, was to avoid being persecuted over religious beliefs.  To live in a country that allowed religious freedom and that separated the business of government from the morals of personal existence.

Republicans (and Vengeful Mother) like to argue that this nation was founded on Christian Values, and they’re not wrong.  But this nation was founded on a whole lot more than that.  It was founded on personal liberties, equality, and justice for all.  Justice FOR ALL.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

I know that it would make me very HAPPY to be able to fall in love and marry the man of my dreams.  To be able to live a happy LIFE free of the persecution and judgment of Conservative Republicans and Christians in general who feel they have the right to treat me differently, just because the person I love happens to have the same genitalia as I.  To be able to experience and enjoy all the personal LIBERTY that our forefathers intended for “We the People.”

In the last eight years, Georgie Boy has been so focused on forcibly installing democracy around the world (You will be free whether you like it or not!), and defining morals for our nation (Marriage shall be defined as being between one man and one woman.) that he’s forgotten to be the President.  He’s allowed the oil industry to rape our nation financially while making zero effort to solve the problem (’cause he’s making just as much money as the next oil magnate) and he’s destroyed the progress that was made toward reducing the national deficit by spending American tax dollars on a war that no one wants, and most recently by “bailing out” an economic downturn that resulted from poor over-site of the banking industry in the first place.  And as we’ve seen in the last 72 hours, that “bail-out” has done not one lick of good.

During his eight years in office, President Clinton, managed to reduce, by nearly a third, the damage done to our national debt by Presidents Regan and Bush Sr.  And in the following eight years, President Bush Jr. completely undid every bit of that progress.  And he still has four months.  How much more damage will he do?

So the question is, given the track record of our presidents over the last 28 years do we really want another Republican President who will continue to run this country’s finances into the ground and will continue with a war that serves no purpose, and will work to deny the basic human rights of an entire segment of our population, or do we want a president who will work to end this war, and repair the economic failures brought upon us by the current administration?  I wish I could argue that he’d also work to provide the freedoms and equality that we deserve, but he’s made no such promises.  At least we can be assured he won’t work so hard to take them away.

I don’t know that either of the options that have been presented to us are particularly ideal.  We need a president and other government leaders who remember what this country was all about and who will work hard for justice and equality for all, and leave it up to us to decide what is morally or ethically right.

Or, if we want to return to the ways of our ancestors…

Well, maybe we could petition the queen to take us back…  Those Princely boys are none to shabby to look at after all.

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