Evening Crazies, Coming Soon to a Kitty Near… Me

Scared Kitty‘s results came back clean, thank God!  It was a pretty rough night of worry.  But fortunately, it seems Scared Kitty will likely be just fine.

I took Scared Kitty to the Alameda Pet Hospital yesterday afternoon to be examined and checked out.  The initial examination did indicate that he was slightly dehydrated and that he had “stool in his colon”.  I believe that translates as, “He’s constipated.”   The doctor was dutiful and listed for me all the possibilities and indicated that in a cat of SK‘s age, we have to look at a lot of possible issues.  He listed things like Kidney Disease, Thyroid problems and Cancer.  The kidney disease and cancer hit me hard as that’s what Vengeful Mother was told about her cat “Miss Kitty” before she had to be put to sleep.

The vet did a physical examination, and then took him into the lab to gather a blood and urine sample and administer a “sub-cutaneous saline bubble”, read water bubble.  I was also told to buy some good old fashioned baby food and try to get him to eat that.  It seems really strange to buy baby food for my cat (and it lends support to my “this is as close as I’m going to get to parenthood” argument) but it seems to be of interest to him.  The only problem is he doesn’t eat very much at a time and if it’s left sitting out it gets a dry crustiness on the top of it after a while.

I brought Scared Kitty back home before going to get the baby food and as soon as I let him out of his carrier, he made a b-line for his food bowl and ate several pieces of his normal food.  I called the Vet but they said that he needs the ‘bland diet” to settle his stomach so I went ahead and got the baby food.

The vet called me today at 12:02 (I was told between 12 and 5 – Big points for the vet!) and said that the blood work and urine analysis were pretty favorable.  Healthy kidneys and thyroid and no indication of cancer.  The only point of concern was that some of his liver enzymes were “slightly elevated” which could indicated a “mild inflammation” of either his liver or his pancreas.  Then he asked me if his condition had changed.  Thanks the Good Lord, it had!

I made the decision last night to stay home from work today, in part to “take care of my sick child”, which is somewhat true, in that he did need to be monitored and fed.  But I also, wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out, and if today was going to turn out to be some of the last few hours of his life, I wanted to spend them with him!  The bonus to that decision was that I was able to sleep in as well.  When I opened my bedroom door this morning (scared kitty isn’t allowed in my bedroom) I immediately saw a piece of cat poop on the floor.  I have never been so happy! to see cat poop outside of the litter pan before.  There were a couple places where he pooped and some of it was of a diarrhea consistency, but at least he moved his bowels.  The water bubble was absorbed almost completely within a few hours.  And almost immediately his coat started to look better.  We may be in good shape after all.

The Vet said to keep feeding him the baby food and keep an eye on him over the week-end and then check back in with him on Monday.  If he’s not doing better than I need to bring him in so they can x-ray his abdomen to see what they might see.  But it looks promising.

Today, Scared Kitty has an optimistic and encouraged daddy!

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