Started Living Didn’t, Finds a New Home

I started this blog just shy of five months ago with the idea that I was going to use it as a jumping off point for my new, less socially awkward life.  I thought if I used this blog as a sort of accounting of myself, I would find a way to get myself out into the world and stop feeling so lonely, and stop being so afraid of new experiences.  While that is still a goal of mine, it hasn’t happened.

In addition, my clever gene is retarded.  I’m not being politically incorrect, or otherwise unkind.  I’m serious.  I’m not clever.  At least not off the cuff clever.  I really wish I was.  Clever is more fun.  Vengeful Mother is clever and therefor you’d kinda hope that I would be too, but alas, not so much.  I bring this up because when I started this blog, I had something I really wanted to say.  I was in a rush, and I was having a hard time finding a clever name for the blog.  I wanted something that was going to represent my goals for the blog and so I tried things like, “Life Starts Now” or “Starting Life” or “Not Gonna Sit at Home Crying in my Wine Anymore”.  Strangely all of these things were taken.  Maybe that means I am clever but too late, or maybe that means that at least three other people aren’t any more clever than I am.  Finally, I stumbled across “Started Living” so I ran with it.

Honestly, I’ve never liked “Started Living”.  I didn’t like it ’cause it wasn’t clever.  I didn’t like it ’cause it was quickly proving not to be true.  Possibly I didn’t like it ’cause I was stuck with it and I get stir crazy.  If that last one is true, I’m screwed.  So, I decided it was time to change it up and after some time, and some thinking, and some false starts with the blog name finder thingy, I finally settled upon a new blog title.

It’s sorta clever, a little bit, maybe, I guess.  OK, I think it’s clever.  More importantly, it’s true and it will hopefully work for a while.

So as of today “Started Living” is no more.  The new blog title is “A Drunk in a Hard Place.”  That may not sound very uplifting.  If may even be a little depressing but well, sadly, it’s true.  Don’t think less of me.  It works right now because well, it’s The Rants and Ramblings of a Practicing Alcoholic.  And sooner or later I’ll get my shit together and it’ll work because it’ll be the equally irrelevant Rants and Ramblings of a Recovering Alcoholic.  Either way, it’s more realistic, and a little more clever… maybe…  I hope.

So there you have it.  A new face.  A new name.  Same ole blog!

I hope you’ll follow along

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