It’s Cold

It’s Friday.  It’s morning.  And it’s cold. Yes folks, it does get cold in California.

In my imagination, I look out my 23rd floor office window and see Lake Merritt, frozen over.  It’s not cold enough for ice skating.  Not yet, anyway.  But the kayaks are gone.  The rowing crews in their skull boats are gone.  And the senior excursions on the larger rowboats, all the passengers dressed in white with white sailors caps, looking oddly reminiscent of the Titanic Survivors from my vantage point, gone but not forgotten.

In my imagination, I look out my 23rd floor office window and see the roads are a little darker in color, the overnight frost has been crushed to fluid, but not totally absorbed and the cars are spreading it everywhere.

In my imagination, I look out my 23rd floor office window and see the grass and trees in the park across the street with the bits of ice frozen solid over every branch and blade.  I can hear the crunch of the green shirted school childrens’ feet as they walk on the grass.  I can see the birds huddled together for warmth at the inner most part of the trees.  They too, not prepared for a California winter, wishing they’d flown further south. And I can hear the thoughts of those green shirts, quietly cursing the powers that be for making them go out in the cold, while simultaneously laughing and screaming as they play heartily with their friends.  And laughing at the absurdity of the hope of school being closed do to inclement weather.

In my imagination, this is perfect curl up by the fire, under a warm blanket, with a good book and a hot toddy weather.  In my imagination.

In reality, it’s 56 degrees, and yes, that’s cold.  At the peak today, the temperature will be in the mid 60s, and I’ll get no sympathy from CPA Sis and her clan in Up-State New York who soon, will not have to imagine the scene I just described.  They’ll be ankle deep in the powdery white stuff and watching their breath form clouds of vapor as they speak and breathe.  I’ll get no sympathy from Vengeful Mother in Oklahoma, who soon enough will have to contend with temperatures at or below freezing for days on end, and roads that are covered in ice from sunset to sunrise and drivers who can’t manage.

But I tell you, people!  It’s cold!

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