Money, Money, Money Must Be Funny In The Rich Man’s World, Money, Money, Money Always Sunny In The Rich Man’s World

There must be a more better way to determine how our tax money is spent, right?  I mean as taxpayers shouldn’t we at least get some kind of say in hour our money is spent?  I was less than thrilled when I found out about this $700 Billion dollar bail out for the banks when it was announced but I can see some amount of logic in it.  I mean if the banks fail our economy will surely collapse, right?  I don’t see where the bail-out has done us a whole lot of good but at least it’s something.

But now we’re talking bout “bailing out” the automotive industry?  Really?  I do not see the logic in this idea.  I mean the solution to the automotive industries problems is to make a quality, competitive product.  The vast majority of the cars I see on the roads around the Bay Area of California, where I live, are foreign, mostly Hondas and Toyotas.  I myself drive a Japanese car, at least in part because in my lifetime I’ve had nothing but trouble with the American made cars I’ve dealt with.

Perhaps if the automakers made quality products that stood up against the imported ones then they could stand up in the market place and bail themselves out.  Personally, my perspective is that if I want to put my money into “bailing out” the automotive industry, I’ll go out and buy a car.

Certainly I recognize that there are a lot of people who would lose their jobs if any or (unlikely) all of the American manufacturers were to close their doors and that’s unfortunate, but as we continue to throw good money after bad into bailing out groups who simply can’t manage their money properly aren’t we doing more harm than good?  Hell, I can’t manage my money for shit!  Can I apply to the Federal Government for a billion dollar Bailout?  I could certainly use it.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times.  I’m terrible at math and when it comes to finance and economics and all that stuff I suck wind so I may be completely off track with this whole line of reasoning but it seems to me that there is a difference between bailing out our financial markets without which our economy will collapse and leave the country in chaos, and bailing out any commercial industry that manufactures a tangible product for sale.  Again, if they make a quality product that is competitive in it’s own market they will sell their product and stay in business and if they can’t do that then they shouldn’t be in business anyway.

What’s next?  Hollywood?  It seems that a Screen Actors Guild strike is imminent which will result in the loss of millions (billions?) of dollars in revenue.  Should they, too, receive a federal bail-out?  Where does it end?

In case anyone has forgotten, our current federal deficit is at a 20 year high, thanks to George W. Bush and his mismanagement of the business that is this nation.  What irony that a business that is more than 2o TRILLION dollars in the hole is dolling out multi-billion dollar “loans” that everyone knows will never be repaid to other businesses.  How interesting that without those “loans” these other business will likely have to shut their doors and yet, “The United States of American, Inc.” continues to spend beyond it’s means and no one cares.  I care!  And I’m tired of funding it!

There was a Saturday Night Live sketch not too long ago that I think sums the whole thing up pretty much perfectly:

Like I said, the loan will never be repaid and everyone knows it.  What’s more, they will likely ask for more money in the not so distant future.

There has to be a better way!!!

Damn!  How did this soap box get back in here.  Someone, please come take this thing away before I hurt myself!

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