Those Just Tuning In I’m Just Letting Ya Know That Imma Slacker

Sometimes I wonder if The Company that Created the HMO knows it’s their fault I don’t work more while I’m here er– there.

The work I do is very tedious.  A lot of routine, repetitive bullshit that I couldn’t care less about and so it takes a lot for me to get motivated to do the work in the first place but then when I do finally get to it, I have really inferior tools to work with.  The Company that Created the HMO insists that we are on the cutting edge of technology, and they may be right when it comes to the hospitals and the medical services we provide, but when it comes to our administrative tools, GOOD GOD are we behind the times.

My job consists of opening e-mail notices that there is a new request in our Intranet based request system, scrolling down in the e-mail to the link, clicking the link and WAITING for the slow-ass intranet site to respond.  Once it finally opens, I review the request (rarely are they wrong) and then I click on an edit link and WAIT for the slow-ass intranet site to respond.  I then select “In Progress” from a drop down menu, send a notice to the requester as to when their request will be fulfilled and put the request on a spreadsheet for the vendor.


So that’s the part of my job that actually has any kind of deadline and has to be done in a timely manner.  The completion of those same requests in the slow-ass intranet system is supposed to be done in the same calendar month but there are no consequences and I put it off because the system sucks so bad I get pissed off when I do it.

So here I sit, staring at my screen waiting for the request in question to open so I can click edit so I can wait for it to reopen so I can select complete from the drop down menu and move along to the next one, rinse and repeat as needed.  While I’m waiting for the system to do its thing I start getting distracted.  The internet is a shiny object you know.  So I click over here to WordPress and start a blog post.  Before long, I’m more focused on the blog post then I am on the request completion tedium.

So you see, dear The Company that Created the HMO, it really is your fault that I’m spending company time, on company equipment doing things that are for my personal enjoyment (well, mine and the legions of people who are(n’t) reading my blog, waiting with baited breath for the next installment) but which benefit the company not one iota.


Note to the reader:  The real irony in this post is that as soon as I started clicking over to WordPress to write this post, the request system to which I’m referring started working flawlessly, moving between screens lickety-split!  Go figure.  I guess I should attempt to slack off more frequently!

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