But The Devil Take that Woman, Yeah, For You Know She Tricked Me Easy

“I don’t understand The Tag-Along,” Unsvelt Girl Who Runs, said to me as she plopped down in a guest chair across from my desk.

I’m puzzled, but don’t know if I want to engage.  “Wh-  Huh?  What do you mean?”

“I don’t understand her.  She’s afraid to try new things and says she doesn’t understand how I can.”

Still leery, “Ooook.  Why do you say she’s afraid?”

“She said it!”

“Oh.  OK,” I wasn’t expecting that response.  “Did she say why?”

“She’s afraid she won’t be good at it.  She’s afraid she’ll look bad.  She’s afraid to fail.  I don’t get it.”

“OK.  Well, I can understand that, actually.”

Now, Unsvelt Girl Who Runs has decided that I’m afraid to try new things, which is slightly true, but mostly not.  I said, I can understand it, not that I can relate to it.

A few hours pass and Unsvelt Girl Who Runs returns to my office with papers in her hands and plops back down in the same chair which is next to a small round table.  She turns toward the table with the papers and begins fumbling with one, while the others are on the table.  She’s folding the sheet in her hand and turning it around and muttering under her breath.

“What’re you doing?” I ask intrigued.

More muttering ensues, but no response is forthcoming.  I turn back to my computer and begin “working” (probably reading blogs) but the muttering continues and soon I need to know what she’s doing.

“Seriously.  What’re you doing?”

She never looks up at me, “Origami.”

“Agami?”  I tend to be mean like this.

“Origami.” she repeats.

“What’s agami?”

“Ori– What?”  She stops and looks at me.

“I asked what you’re doing.  You said, ‘Or agami’.  What’s agami?”  I grin at her.  The jig is up.

More muttering, twisting and folding.  Finally she emits a triumphant “A ha!  There!”

“What is it?”

“It’s a book.”  This is some impressive Origami!

“You made a book?  Here let me see that?”  I hold out my hand and she obediently places her “book” in my hand.  She has managed with one slice and seven folds to turn an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper into a seven page booklet 2 3/4 x 4 1/4.  On each page is a table of numbers.  “What is this?”

“Instructions.” she says.  It’s a training program.  At the end of 6 weeks you’re supposed to be able to do one hundred push-ups.  But first, you have to do the initial test to see how many you can do now.”

“Well, that’s easy.  None.  I fall in the under 40 category and I can’t definitely do 0-5 push-ups.  Emphasis on the zero.  Are you going to do this?”

“I was thinking about it,” she says.  “I hate push-ups.”

“Me too,” I say as I’m flipping through the pages.  This looks doable.  “I’d like to be able to do push-ups.  It’s supposed to be really good for your biceps and chest.  Actually, it’s supposed to be good for your everything but especially those.  But I really hate push-ups.”

“Me too, but I think I’m going to do it.”  Unsvelt Girl Who Runs apparently has no problem trying new things.

“Maybe I could give it a shot too,” I say as I slip the booklet into my shirt pocket.

“Hey,” she squeals, “that’s mine.”

“Possession is 9/1oths of the law.”

“I can tell you where to get print out your own,” she tells me.

“Why would I do that?  I have one right here in my pocket!”

“Are you gonna do it?”

“Sure,” I say.  I’d like to, but I’m a wimp and my wrist hurts.

“Well, OK then.”

But the devil take that woman, yeah, for you know she tricked me easy!  Now I am apparently committed to the six week, one hundred push-up challenge.  How the hell did this happen!

So tomorrow I have to do the initial test and I seriously expect to fall in the 0-5 range which means that on Monday I’ll have to do:

Set 1     2 push-ups

Rest 60 seconds

Set 2     3 push-ups

Rest 60 seconds

Set 3     2 push-ups

Rest 60 seconds

Set 4     2 push-ups

Rest 60 seconds

Set 5     “Max (at least 3)”

Guess we’ll see how that works out.  I do have some hopes and plans for weight loss and exercises in 2009 so maybe this will give me a little head start…


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