Ahhh, Push Up

Blast my gullibility!

I was recently challenged to a push up challenge by the Unsvelt Girl Who Runs.  She totally tricked me.  But I’m going with it.  This morning when I was planning my day and trying to decided when I was going to do my “Initial Test” to see how many push ups I could do, I decided that the logic behind the program was sound and I decided to take the same science and do “one hundred crunches” in six weeks too.

One of these days, I hope to become a man and be able to do men’s push ups but for now, I’m just going to have to settle for doing modified push-ups (I couldn’t even do one real push-up) and with that in mind here’s where things stand:

Initial test results:

Modified Push-ups:  3

Crunches:  30 (thank God it’s double digits)

The plan for tomorrow:

Set 1:  Modified Push-ups 2, Crunches 10

Set 2:  Modified Push-ups 3, Crunches 12

Set 3:  Modified Push-ups 2, Crunches 7

Set 4:  Modified Push-ups 2, Crunches 7

Set 5:  Modified Push-ups, as many as I can “max” (at least 3), Crunches, Max (at least 9)

As things stand today, I’m 6’1″ and, I’m very sorry to confess, nearly 300 pounds.  I’m very “lucky” in that I “carry my weight very well”.  I have to put that in quotes because I learned a few years ago that “carry my weight well” really just means that most of my fat is inside of my abdominal wall (on my organs) instead of outside my abdominal wall, which is far less healthy.  Anyway, wouldn’t it be fabulous if six weeks from now, I had a far more trim, far more healthy torso, with some amount of muscular definition to show for my efforts?  I’m just really sick of the image I see looking back at me in the mirror and I’d really like to see it change.

My thinking is that by the end of the six weeks I should be able to do men’s push-ups and I will start the challenge over with doing real push-ups.  Maybe I’ll trade the crunces in for full-on sit ups too.

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