But Don’t You See I’m Halfway Over the Hill I’m Passin’ Over the Hardest Part I’m Halfway Over the Hill It’s Gotta Get Easier From Now On

Unsvelt Girl Who Runs:     “The Majority” sucks.

Self: Why?

UGWR: Because he was pointing out that the 80s were, like, 30 years ago.

Self: <rolls eyes>  The Majority sucks.

UGWR: See.  I told you!

Self: And he’s wrong.  1989 was only 20 years ago!  And that makes all the difference…  Right?

UGWR: Not really.

Self: (Damn)  Besides, The Majority was born in 1969.  And if the 80’s were 30 years ago then the 60’s were 50 years ago and that makes him really old!

UGWR: <Thinks this over>

Self: So see!  So tell him that!

UGWR: smile

Self: And then say, “See!  So….  Nyeh!”   😛

One Response

  1. The fifties aren’t bad, but I’m talking about my age, not the decade. BBs continue to rule!

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