Glossary of Terms

On this page you will find definitions (or vague explanations) of terms I use on this blog that may not already make sense.   For example:


Adminary: This is a term I created, a combination of Admin (as in Administrative Assistant) and Secretary.  The Administrative Assistants at The Company that Created the HMO are union employees, and their official titles are “Department Secretary”.  Unsvelt Girl Who Runs does not like being called a Secretary and so last “Adminstrative Professionals Day”  I brought her a Starbuck’s Card and said, “Happy Adminaries Day.” and it stuck.


Burning People: My company logo has what, I have heard,  is officially burning-peopletermed “The Sunshine Family”.  It’s three circles, meant to represent heads at uneven heights, side by side.  The three circles are over shapes that could be construed to represent bodies and they are over a shape that is meant to represent a sun with rays coming out of it.  And it looks a bit like this:


Evening Crazies:  A commonly occurring event in the feline kingdom.  Its that period of time (anytime – not just evenings) when cats are suddenly very rambunctious and run around crazy like.  Big cats in the wild and domesticated house cats alike experience the Evening Crazies.


Newly Gay:  This is a term I’ve used periodically to describe myself.  It’s somewhat of a misnomer because I do not believe that it’s a new condition, but rather something that I’m just learning to come to terms with.  I do believe that we are born gay.  Every one comes to realize it in their own time.  Everyone comes to accept it in their own time and it is at that point the they accept it that they are “Newly Gay”.  I know that I’ve been gay my whole Life.  But I also know that I’ve denied it for years and that living with it and accepting it and being willing to embrace it are relatively recent developments for me.  Therefore, I consider myself “Newly Gay.”


The Company that Created the HMO:  This is my employer.  For obvious reason I do not use the real name, and will not put it here either.  But The Company that Created the HMO is just what it sounds like.  A health care organization that claims to have created the model that is the foundation of what is today, the HMO.  Read also: Hell.

The Soul Crushing Telecom Company:  This is the first full time job I had when I moved to California.  The company has changed hands and names a number of times but was at one time up there in the same category as the likes of Enron.  Green M&M still works for them in there current incarnation and it still lives up to it’s “soul crushing” name, but she won’t do what she needs to do to get out.

The Town Named for Damaged Native American Weaponry:  This is the town where I spent the majority of my teenage years.  Looking back on it, I actually have a number of fond memories, but at the time I couldn’t wait to grow up and get out.  Scornful Mother and Eve both still live there.

Tuesday Morning Torture Session: This is my departments weekly staff meeting.  It is the exact same meeting every single week.  Nothing ever changes.  The Agenda has been exactly the same since 2002.  Douche Bag always rambles on and on about what’s going on and pretends he doesn’t realize we’re all staring blankly at the table fantasizing about how we can put ourselves (or him) out of our misery.  It sucks big hairy balls, and it puts everyone in foul mood for the rest of the day, but we just keep having it as if nothing is even remotely wrong.

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