The Random Facts Collection

1)   I like to listen to the same song over and over again until my iPhone/iPod rebels or I can sing it in my sleep.

2)   I feel like crying most of the time and I don’t know why or how to handle it.

3)   I don’t do anything full throttle, balls out, uninhibited… But I wish I could.

4)   I get “stage fright” and can’t use a urinal if there’s anyone else around before things start flowing.

5)   Sometimes I wonder if I would still be the same scared, miserable, lifeless person if I got amnesia and didn’t remember my life.  Part of me would like to find out.

6)   I have always had this really strong sense that I was molested as a child, but I can’t remember it.  I also can’t remember exactly when, or by whom.  But I don’t think I’m making it up.

7)   I’m horny, absolutely, ALL THE TIME! But I’m also, truly, afraid of sex.

8)   I like to use song lyrics for my blog titles…  But I don’t know most of the songs I’ve used.

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